Friday, December 5, 2014

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"Devious Deception...."
“Oh bitch you gone shoot me?” I spat.
“You better kill me, cause if you don’t, I’ma body your ass for even pulling out on me.” I threatened aloud to my attacker.
No words were reciprocated. A dead silence hit my ears just as a deep sound followed the muzzle flash from the firearm. All I could remember seeing was the fiery combustion escape the barrel.
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Devious Deception
All hell has broken loose in in the lives of close friends Tajinae, Winnie, Savon and Domonique where treachery has crept in and replaced loyalty and love. Hated by many and only loved by a few, they are the beauties that hold down some of the most syndicated dope boys in Gun Ru. They call themse...