Sunday, December 7, 2014

***Devious Deception*** EXCERPT ALERT

If you haven't had a chance to slide your fingers through the pages of S.Chameleon's Novel 

"Devious Deception"

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..heres a little sneak peak!   


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"Devious Deception"


By: Author S.Chameleon 

Get acquainted with.....


The more of his things I grabbed, the angrier I became. I tossed and ranted. I had a personal message for KaDe’s bitch ass with every bag that I had courageously began to throw out. I belted loud obscenities like a crazy person, as sweat dripped from my brow. My exertion reeked of aged Cognac that seeped through my pores as I expedited my process with each step. 

“This bag is for when you punched me in my mouth!” I flung his shit to the grass and stormed back inside for more. 

“This bag is for when you kicked me in my vagina!” 

"This bag is for every time you made me swallow your poisonous cum against my will!” 

“This bag is for every time you made me endure the agony of anal sex!” As I came upon the last bag, I kissed that bitch before I threw it onto the pile. 

“This bag is for selling dope to my parents and making me depressed enough to think I had to become an addict too to deal with your bullshit!” And like every other woman in America, I slammed the door and ended my tirade with “BITCH!”