Friday, November 28, 2014

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"Devious Deception.." by "The Lordess." Author SChameleon..

Let me introduce you to.... "Tyrell.."

“No, No, No Tyrell!” she screamed as I forced madness onto her pussy.
“Shhh..., take this dick baby. Give it to me,” I told her with clenched teeth and bulging veins as I now fucked her so hard I could feel my dick getting stuck as her muscles contracted and held on tighter. 
“You ain’t got time to hold back baby, give me that shit!” I demanded as I could feel my own orgasmic sensation begin to arise from my toes up.
“Cum on this dick baby, cum on this dick baby. Give me ‘dat shit.” I continued to coach her as I tried to hold back the feeling I knew was near. 
She reached back and grabbed my locks that cascaded down my back as I pounded away, and made my lover squirt and scream for dear life.
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Devious Deception
All hell has broken loose in in the lives of close friends Tajinae, Winnie, Savon and Domonique where treachery has crept in and replaced loyalty and love. Hated by many and only loved by a few, they are the beauties that hold down some of the most syndicated dope boys in Gun Ru. They call themse...